Looking Around - Single

by Link Valiant

Released 2013
Released 2013
This is a small taste of some pop/rock music, both upbeat and easy listening, featuring a few fan favorites.
This is Link Valiant's FIRST EVER single featuring a few fan favorites!
1. Looking Around: People watching with an oldie rock overtone.
2. If It's Meant To Be: What always seems to happen when couples part ways.
3. High Score: A happy, bright, upbeat rock tune sure to get one's spirit's high!

If you're ready for a small taste of what Link has to offer, than purchase these songs today and be ready to smile and head-bob until …
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The Threshold of a Legacy

by Link Valiant

Released 2007
Released 2007
This is a feature soundtrack to two video games by Live Interactive Fictional Entertainment, "Lost Legacy: An Animania Story" and "Threshold", of only original songs.
Link Valiant is a pop and rock artist with a range of compositions that prove familiar yet unique. He has also written and produced music for video games.

This is a soundtrack of featured, original works for two video games, "Lost Legacy: An Animania Story" and "Threshold," by Live Interactive Fictional Entertainment (LIFE).

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